Goal: Experimental version

Status: Done

Not for a Production Deploy. This release is for PoV/PoC of the project.


  • [x] Bootstrap the Repository Service for TUF (Initial TUF Metadata)

  • [x] Storage Service: Local file system

  • [x] Key Vault Service: Local file system

  • [x] Add targets

  • [x] Delete targets

  • [x] Generate Token

  • [x] Retrieves the Repository Service for TUF settings

  • [x] Automatically version Bump Snapshot Metadata

  • [x] Automatically version Bump Timestamp Metadata

  • [x] Automatically version Bump hash-bins Metadata

  • [x] Release CI/CD in all components (Issue #25)

Components Milestones:

Goal: Minimum Working Version

Status: Done

Not for a Production Deploy. This release is to evaluate the features and functionality.

  • [x] Public online documentation (Issue #22)

  • [x] Implement HTTPS for the Rest API (Issue #6)

  • [x] Data load for migrations (Issue #188)

  • [x] Remove the BIN Keys from Ceremony/Bootstrap Process [Roles simplification] (Issue #28)

  • [x] Remove from the bootstrap the online keys [Roles simplification] (Issue #207)

  • [x] Simplify the metadata bootstrap process [Roles simplification] (Issue #208)

  • [x] Option to Disable the API Authentication/Authorization (Issue #41)

  • [x] Key(s) Rotation (Issue #23)

Minimum Working Version (MWV) Board.

Components Milestones:

Goal: Minimum Valuable Product

Status: TBD

First Production Deploy This release achieves the minimum valuable product for users.

  • [x] Deployment Design Document (Issue #227)

  • [x] Support to AWS S3 (Storage) (Issue # <https://github.com/repository-service-tuf/repository-service-tuf/issues/24>)

  • [ ] AWS KMS (Key Vault) (Issue #24)

  • [ ] Support of HashiCorp Vault (Issue #509)

  • [ ] Distributed asynchronous threshold signing (Issue #327)

  • [ ] Support CLI using HSM for signing - Ceremony, Metadata Update and Sign (Issue #351[cli])

  • [ ] Create/Remove custom delegate Target Roles (Issue #354)

  • [ ] Security Audit on RSTUF Project (Issue #246)

Components Milestones:

Goal: End-to-End Signing

Status: TBD

Implement End-to-end signing of packages. Developers or Release Manager can sign the artifacts. See PEP 480 for more details.

  • repository-service-tuf-api vT.B.D

  • repository-service-tuf-worker vT.B.D

  • repository-service-tuf-cli vT.B.D